Monday, October 28, 2013

Alt Appreciation Week: Warrior

     Things are winding down for Lae's Alt Appreciation weeks. Warriors get the last week. Warriors are a class I just can't get into. Tchulin was one once, actually that's the first thing he was and that settled me in to my long history of not getting along with warriors. Mind you, I know warriors are a decent class. My guild had an amazing warrior tank when I first started playing and Ret used to tear it up on his warrior alt  when he wasn't dying to purple stuff. And SprYte, well I think warriors are one of her favorite classes, at least they're one of her signature ones. I think she's got at least as many warriors as I have paladins and they're her go to class for ripping through leveling an alt.
      But I just don't get them. To me playing a warrior (though granted I've really only tried protection for any amount of time) feels like playing a gimped paladin. Maybe a little of Seish's mindset leaks in here. Seish figures the only reason you'd be a warrior would be that you didn't have what it took to be a paladin. (Have I mentioned he's kind of an arrogant jerk?) Tchulin was my first warrior, fairly early on. He got forty levels into fury before I threw up my hands, decided I really didn't like it and rerolled him. For a long time I didn't have any warriors at all. So maybe it's a little surprising that I ended up with a level 90 one. Meet Khaelyss.

Level 90 Protection Warrior
      Khaelyss leveled to 80 through Recruit-A-Friend with my buddy's mage, Yavi. I wanted to make a tank for Yavi and felt like I didn't need another paladin. Also the original Khaelyss in D&D was a fighter so warrior seemed appropriate. They managed alright, though I always feel like Khaelyss dies to stuff Rim would have survived. At 90 Khaelyss doesn't do much. I don't see myself ever doing much tanking on him because I'd rather tank on a paladin and I keep meaning to get around to trying Arms but haven't done it yet. So for now Khaelyss is mostly my engineer and the miner for everybody on Tai's server. 
     He supplies Laen with metal for his blacksmithing and Fal with metal for his jewelcrafting and Os' hunter alt with some extra metal for his tramsutes. Most of the time I'm playing him he's mining. He gets to kill rares when I come across them hunting ore, though and he hasn't died to one in a long time. It just takes him ages to kill them. Khaelyss and Os' hunter alt are currently working together on a second Sky Golem (so we each get one. We rolled on the first one and it went to Os so mine's next. :) )
     Character wise Khaelyss is a warm-hearted, hard working fellow. He's got all the magical aptitude of a rock which is why he's an engineer and a warrior. If he can't do it with his own hands and brain he can't do it. He's fairly humble, possibly even has some issues with self-esteem, but is generally an all around good fellow who's willing to help out with whatever anybody asks of him. 
     Even though I don't really enjoy playing him much, I do very much love the character. And engineers do make the very best miners. He can stop at any point in his ore farming drop an anvil to smelt everything and then drop a mailbox to send it all off before he continues work. And that's just handy :D

     This should be my last post for Alt Appreciation week, but since I missed out on Death Knight week at the beginning I think I'll throw out a post for my Death Knights next week, just for the sake of completion.

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