Thursday, October 10, 2013

Laen, LFR... and Hearthstone

    Laen happened to be turning in professions quests at the Darkmoon Faire when Moonfang spawned. So he mounted up and rushed right over to throw judgement and a denounce at her. Then a bunch of the big wolfpack noticed him. So by the time he got back from the dead she was dead. But there were loots for him! I'm not going to lie, I find it kind of funny that my little level 30 holy paladin can earn loot from a boss that much higher level than he is. A pretty temporary mount (still sad about the temporary part) and a quest item he can't turn in for who knows how long.
     Seish queued for the first wing of Throne of Thunder today. Set his Loot spec to Holy and decided to make a go at getting some Secrets for that demanding dragon. (Not sure he'll ever even equip the holy gear he ends up with... but it makes me feel happier putting together a set of it than getting duplicate or lower level ret gear to just vend.) First boss went so well I figured the whole thing would just be smooth sailing. Then there was Horridon. Apparently I've never actually seen people be bad at Horridon because I somehow didn't realize the LFR version of it (which is all I've done) could be hard. We wiped hard. Got all four gates down, but as we were doing it, I was watching more and more bars in my frames grey out. And then it was just Horridon... and Seish and a druid. Shortly thereafter it was a wipe.
     A couple more wipes later it became pretty apparent that someone was troll pulling Horridon before people were ready. Like at one point when there was only half a raid there with half full health bars. I don't think I'll ever understand why people go into something like LFR just to be a jerk to 24 other people. I don't get to do regular raids. Probably don't have the skill. I don't know enough people to put together a flex (which makes me so sad, because I'd love to try it.) so LFR is what I get to do for raiding. And when I go in I put in my best effort. I have limited queue time because I won't go in if I can't put forth that effort. And sadly after we got in a bunch of new people and kicked the jerks I just had time to finish off Horridon before I really needed to pop back out. Did get one more Secret off the first boss, though: 11/20. More LFRs later.

     And yesterday I finally got my Hearthstone Beta invite... and promptly unlocked the paladin deck and have been playing that a whole bunch. It's fun. Simple and fun. Don't see it being something I'll enjoy as long term as I do WoW but I do like it. I'd opted in for the Beta but wasn't really all that excited to get into it until husband got his and was having so much fun with it. Of course he'd super good at games like that and so thrashes me at it just like he does when we play Magic. Luckily I'm a good loser.

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