Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wolves and stuff!

     I don't have anything to recap for Priest Week. My Priest Week was almost entirely that post I put up of my priests. That and the slowly germinating determination that at some point there will be a horde priest. But unlike Laen who had been decided upon and thoroughly thought over (and leveled to 10) before paladin week rolled around, this priest has just been dreamed up and it will take me a while and some deliberation before they actually come into being. When they do they'll get a post of their own no matter what week it happens to be.
     Last night on his fifth... or was it sixth... consecutive run of Gnomeregan Laen did this:
Only sixty more levels to go! He picked up an off spec, which will be ret, but he's forbidden to use it until 85 because he's supposed to be learning how to heal. And so far... it really is fun. Now that I've got a bit more confidence thanks to Tai I think I might actually manage to be half decent at this.
     This morning though looking at other people's blogs reminded me that it was the Darkmoon Faire, and that the new boss was up. So rather than popping over on the characters that need it for their professions or to hand in their quests I went straight over on Tai to see if I could sneak in a Moonfang kill.
    Why isn't this a real, permanent mount? Why?! It's gorgeous. I would ride the heck out of it and probably come up with some silly rp story for some character or another tied to it. (Like I did with Tai's Blue Shado-Pan riding tiger). But after that Tai needed to go and accomplish his chores for the day so I sent Khaelyss the warrior over to log off near the spawn site and check back in from time to time throughout the day.
    On Khaelyss' second kill he got the lucky drop!
I didn't think to screenshot it until he was in Plaguelands later mining for Laen's blacksmithing habit, but oh so cute! I love this pet. It's already level six and will probably be one of the next ones I level all the way up because I need more beasts and he dances and there's a moon and.... I can't quite control my squee! Well worth poor Khaelyss' undergeared self dying multiple times to all the wolves because I don't know how to warrior very well. I'll probably leave Tyl camped over there on his server all week hoping to get another drop because I want to give one to a friend. Maybe tomorrow I'll remember to take Fal and Laen and a bunch of others over to hand in grisly trophies and do professions quests, though.


  1. That little wolf is certainly squee-worthy. I thought when I got him I'd stop doing Moonfang but I keep hoping I'll get lucky and get one to give away so I'm still there, lol!

    1. I keep doing Moonfang for the exact same reason. It's so much fun to be able to give pets to people so I'm hoping for some more luck too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :) Though I can take very little credit. He's such a cute pet I think it would be hard to get one that wasn't cute!