Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mini update post

     Wildstar beta ate most of my weekend, it was incredibly fun and this was the Aurin I made to play around with. My only WoW time over the weekend was checking auctions and a run with the OLRG where we tore through Sunwell. (Seish didn't get any of the pieces he was looking for but picked up a shield Laen's been wanting, which he'll probably only ever use if I force him to holy for a bit.) After Sunwell we made a trip to Black Temple and they were nice to drag Junior Mistweaver Vaelanys (level 75) who actually got xp for some of the kills and only died twice.
      But this week it's back to WoW as soon as the servers let me back in. Laen's working on his legendary: 14/20 Secrets 40/40 trillium and rep grind complete. I am hoping the RNG will be kind enough to let him finish that step this week. It's definitely going a lot faster for a healer than it did for poor Seish probably partly because the queues are shorter so I can actually manage to run most of the bosses that can drop them in a week.
     Tyl is working on his now because there was talk of the Old Ladies trying a 10 Normal and he wants to help to the best of his ability. So far he has far longer queue times and worse luck than Laen. Still on Sigils. Two more to go. This looks like it might be a long slog if I manage it. But at least his Black Prince Rep's already halfway through revered.
     On the leveling front Ailuuya is at level 44 and is being very lazily leveled since I haven't preordered yet anyhow. And Saelindir is 54 and has only a few more levels to go before he can start hitting people up to help him farm mog gear. So far priesting is much more fun that I anticipated and since he's in heirlooms he's collected a few leveling mog looks because I hate the look of the cloth heirlooms. Here we have mostly variations on a theme:
Does he care that he doesn't really look like a holy  priest? Guess not.

I told him that looks far too cold for Winterspring, but apparently the light keeps him warm or something.
Also apparently when healing on a priest one should levitate for as much of the dungeon as possible. Who knew?
(Disclaimer: This is sort of a bad idea in Zul'Farrak since when you start going back down the stairs you drift slowly all the way to the bottom and aggro all of the things. But since that run we had a disc priest in there queued as dps it worked out being the only part of the entire dungeon where I actually felt useful, so win!)
     My WoW30 posts will resume shortly. But for now that's what I'm up to. Keeping myself entertained and working on being a Wingnut.

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