Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Liebster Award: Kamalia's questions (part three)

But first a random shot of Ailuuya because I really want this hippogryph!

The questions from Kamalia, maker of many amazing transmogs!

1) Tell me about a game or games — video or table or both! — that you are really enjoying right now.

I don't do much tabletop gaming sadly, other than the weekly D&D session which I love as much because of the people I play with as anything else. Aside from WoW I'm currently dabbling in Rift which is lots of fun but won't be replacing WoW for me any time soon. Think my favorite thing about Rift is character customization and pretty. I take so many screenshots.

2) What classes, races, or roles do you find yourself most drawn to in RPGs, whether in D&D, a single-player video game, or an MMO?

For classes: If there's a paladin or a reasonable facsimile of a paladin I'll play it. Sometimes I branch off into warriors, but usually if there's not something paladin enough for me or if I'm feeling a bit insecure about learning, I'll pick the archery/hunter class to start with. In D&D this translates into mostly paladins or rangers.
For races: If there are elves... I'll play them. Especially Dark Elves for some reason. Other than that races with feline influences are a really neat thing for me. I rarely play humans even if they're an option.

For roles: I quite often pick the tanking role. Either that or dps. I almost never pick healer right off the bat. It's taken me years of WoW before picking it up, though I admit I'm enjoying it a lot now.

3) When you make your first character in a new game, do you try to make a character that is in some way an avatar of your RL self, or do you make someone entirely different?

I almost never make a character that I'd consider an avatar of myself in any way. I play myself in real life, so usually when I go into a fantasy game I make a different sort of character that I want to tell myself a story about as I explore the game. So my characters are nearly always very different from my Real Life self.

4) Describe a typical session of playing your current favorite video/computer game.

I get my coffee/tea/beverage of choice. I sit down at the computer and tell myself: Okay Seish needs to do these things, Laen needs to do these things etc. I pick one to prioritize and then log in to try and start it. Sometimes that means I accomplish my goals for the day or the week... sometimes I log on, I get distracted by a blog post or a mog idea or just a stray thought and end up going off and doing something completely different than I originally intended. This is why Ailuuya just hit 40 on her way to 60 for the boost, but Saelindir the distracting priest just hit level 44 and got pretty clothes to run around in. 

5) What was the very first computer/video game you ever played? How old were you?

I can't remember how old I was... elementary school, I guess. And there was this game called Oregon Trail...

6) Do you have more than one blog? If so, what is/are your other blog(s) about? (Blog names/links not necessary, and you don’t have to include personal/family/work-related blogs unless you really want to.)

I've got a largely neglected livejournal blog about writing and books and am debating starting a second one for games I play aside from WoW (mostly so I can post screenshots because I'm a screenshot junkie)

7) Name three non-WoW/game-related websites that you visit frequently.

-Google (so useful)
-Deviantart (so much pretty)  Not wow related but sort of RP related because I use it to name characters sometimes.

8) What was/is your favorite animal to see at the zoo?

Tigers! I love all of them really but I love tigers the best.

9) Cake or Pie? What is your favorite flavor of your preferred dessert?

Pie. Cherry, raspberry, or Coconut cream.

10) What toppings do you like on a pizza? on an ice-cream sundae?

For pizza: All kinds of meat. (I'm a carnivore) For ice-cream sundae? Caramel and nuts, I guess.

11) What is your favorite writing instrument?

If I'm not using the computer which allows for fast typing and easy editing then I like pens. Especially fun colored gel pens.


  1. Those are some great answers! Thanks for playing along! :D

    Oh, Oregon Trail! I played that in elementary school, too.

    1. Thanks for the fun questions to answer and for nominating me :)

  2. Yay love your fave animal :)

    1. How can you not love tigers? :D I remember being so incredibly excited when I first started playing WoW and realized that my hunters could tame tigers.