Thursday, April 10, 2014

This would be neat: Racial Paladin Titles

     Ailuuya is making her slow way to 60 to get ready for her boost. Slow because I'm working on Laen's legendary cape and leveling the distracting priest and several other projects at the same time. But she's getting there and I'm realizing that I do love my draenei paladin.
     And that was one of the things that got me thinking about this: Why can't there be a quest chain where you can earn your race's name for paladins as a title? I'd love to let Ailuuya run around with the title 'Vindicator' in front of her name.  Seish would love to wear 'Blood Knight'. There are such neat names for paladins. I don't have a tauren paladin... yet, but I might have to roll one about yesterday if I could eventually earn them the title 'Sunwalker'.
     I'm not sure what the titles would be for human and dwarf paladins, maybe people who play Alliance more would have suggestions. For humans I almost like the idea of simply 'Paladin' in front of their name. Gawaine wouldn't mind wearing that. Dwarves have me entirely stumped, though. What's a dwarven paladin called?
     You see some of these titles on NPCs and I think it would be neat it we could earn them: maybe through a quest chain. Something long enough to make it feel like you accomplished something but not not full of awful RNG like the Legendary cape. Maybe something that fed you just a few tidbits of lore about your race's paladins and their relationship to the Light.
     I was chatting to Matty at the time I really got this in my head and we ended up having a fun little conversation about titles and characters and some others we'd like to see. There are a lot of neat title possibilities I'd love, but of course this one, since it's about paladins, is my favorite.


  1. I love this idea! I'd do whatever it took to get the "Sunwalker" title for my Tauren Paladins.

    The title "of the Silver Hand" after the character name would be appropriate for Human and Dwarf Paladins, methinks.

  2. Wouldn't it be neat? I love the name Sunwalker and I'd definitely have to have a tauren just to wear it. :D
    I like the 'of the Silver Hand' idea! I kept trying to think of a separate one for Dwarves but I guess Dwarf and Human Paladins are really kind of a package deal.