Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Class

Day 9: First Class
     Hunter! Though it was my second choice. Before I ever finally agreed to play WoW I knew I'd be playing a Blood Elf Paladin. But when I had agreed and been given a copy of the game by SprYte it was just vanilla and I wouldn't have access to Blood Elves until the copy of Burning Crusade she'd ordered for me showed up. But I still wanted to play! So I went with my second choice, a troll hunter.
     This is Zakuli. My very first character. He's still only level 18 but he has the very important job of serving as Quartermaster for all the troops. His bank is full of Timeless Isle tokens and heirlooms sent from every server and he shares them out to alts as needed. Someday he'll get leveled himself, but in the mean time he rests comfortably assured of never being deleted.
     I love hunters. They are my second or third favorite class in game. If I couldn't play paladins I'd be playing monks or hunters. I love the archery feel of them, the mobility, the sort of ranger archetype they fill. Rangers are the class I play second most often in D&D as well. And WoW hunters are all the more awesome because they get pets. Pets that you can go out and befriend! Oh how I loved it when I found that out, though sadly Zakuli did not level fast enough to tame the Durotar Tiger I wanted before the Cataclysm made them extinct. :(
    My Alliance Main is a hunter. And my Blood Elf Hunter was one of my most played 85s in Cataclsym. So I love this class. I always will, it's one of my favorite classes to roll for an alt, and once the dust has settled behind my paladins in a new expansion my hunters are usually next into the field. What's not to love about the class that gets to go everywhere with a built in best friend?

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