Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Favorite Male Character and Major City

Day 7: Favorite Male Character
     It should be Seish. He's my main, and I really do have a hard time picking favorites between he and Tai... but RP and back story reasons edge Tai just a little ahead. So I give you Tai, who is actually Taifeng, though he was born Tandolar Firehawk. He's a level 90 Mistweaver monk, but there's a lot much more to him than that. I thought about writing another snippet of his story for this and on some occasion I likely will but instead I've decided to make a list of ten random facts about Taifeng:

1. He considers himself a member of the Horde more than he considers himself a blood elf.
2. He thinks orc women are the sexiest in all of Azeroth and was married to one once.
3. He has a twin sister named Thylania(who does not exist in game because the female belf models aren't right for her).
4. He's terrified of being on ships.
5. He has purchased dual spec but does not actually have a secondary spec and probably never will because I can't picture him doing anything else.
6. He mostly refuses to do random anything without his favorite tank. (I've given up and been slowly leveling a second mistweaver to do stuff solo on)
7. He's my second character with maxed archaeology and my only Master of the Ways.
8. He's collected almost all of the leather eye patches in game.
9. He's had almost as many mog looks as Seish this expansion.
10. I'm not as good at playing him as I am at playing paladins, but I enjoy it at least as much.

For lore characters, I can't really pick a favorite male character either, but I love Tirion Fordring, Lorewalker Cho, Sunwalker Dezco, and Varok Saurfang. I was actually really fond of Nazgrim too. :(

Day 8: Major City
     Silvermoon. It's gorgeous enough that I park alts there fairly often just because I enjoy it. I daydream about there being flying someday so I can fly around and explore all those balconies and things but I doubt that will ever happen, luckily it's just as lovely from the ground, and maybe I enjoy imagining it more than I would actually exploring it, who knows.
     Silvermoon should have a barber shop though. It's never made sense to me that Undercity does and it doesn't. Really should be the other way around.
     Darnassus runs a very close second for me, I love the music and the way it looks: the stone buildings all vine covered and old and the trees worked into structures. And I even think I like the name of Darnassus best of all the city names. I couldn't say for sure why, I just do. It's another place that my alts spend a lot of time.


  1. I'm so jealous, you are surrounded by beautiful men!

    1. I do it on purpose! (Though I think Tai might be a little insulted at being called beautiful even if it's true. He prefers to think of himself as ruggedly handsome. lol )