Monday, April 21, 2014

Favorite Female Character

Day 6: Favorite Female Character

     I'm not sure if this means of my own, or a lore character, but since my own means the opportunity for mini-fiction and there isn't a female lore character jumping out at me at the moment I'll answer for mine.
     I'm actually very fond of all my female characters but after some consideration I think I like Ailuuya best. With some chatting and inspiration from Matty, who knows her female draenei, I've been working on a story for Ailuuya. One of the first things she pointed me at was this story: Unbroken, which brought tears to my eyes. After that and some googling about draenei RP Ailuuya's history started to shape itself in my head along with what I already knew of her personality from playing her.
     Here's a tiny snippet of Ailuuya's story:
            Kaaras' shield was heavy, with a weight that went beyond the solid heft of its magically imbued metal. Ailuuya rested it across her knees, stroking her palm over the crest that adorned it, fingers finding little divots and dents that enemy blades had left in surface. It was almost too heavy for her arms, which had never trained for its use. They ached with the memory of using it, but not half as much as her heart did looking at it.
            The hurt went far deeper than the her brother's loss, as deep as all the losses that had preceded it... and the ones that had followed in the crash that had left her so dizzy and shaken. There were so many tasks ahead that seemed monumental and an entire new world to explore and try to make her way in, but she simply sat, staring down at Kaaras' shield.
            A shadow dimmed the gleam of the metal and even before Tavras spoke and made her look up, she knew it was him.
"You don't have to carry it any more, you know." He seated himself beside her for a moment, not touching, not intruding, simply there. "You can go back to the priests..."

            And for a moment she ached to do so, to return to the familiar as though somehow it would put things back the way they had been before. But that couldn't happen. Tragedies could not be polished away like the divots in Kaaras' shield. Her fingers moved, tightened on the rim of it, starting to set it aside, but in the end she pulled it close instead. "I think I do have to carry it, Tavras." She said, offering him a tiny smile, as she pushed herself to her feet. "I think it's mine to carry now."

     And the best part of Ailuuya's story is that there is a lot more of it to come. I am very much looking forward to taking her through the portal to Draenor when the time comes.

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