Sunday, April 20, 2014

Favorite Race and One Expansion

Pre-Easter stuff has already made me slack on actually getting these posted.

Day 4: Favorite Race

     Blood Elves of course. Not just because male blood elves look epic in plate and plate's my favorite armor. Not even just because they're elves and I always love elves. Their lore is really neat to me, I like the concept of them as less than perfect elves. Sure they think they're perfect but they have decidedly wicked streaks occasionally. They're a little vicious. I like the fact that they're horde. I like they way they fit... or fail to fit in with the rest of the Horde races, I like the little stories that spawns in my head for my characters.
     I also love Night Elves. They're easily my favorite Alliance race, though I'm also very fond of draenei. Horde side trolls are easily my second favorite followed closely by the tauren. But I'm afraid that when it comes to the character creation screen... if it can be a Blood Elf or a Night Elf... well, it probably is.

Day 5: One Expansion
     I started playing so close to the end of Wrath of the Lich King that I might as well have started during Cataclysm. So if I were picking one expansion I've had experience with, my choices are really limited to two. If I could pick one expansion I -wish- I'd ended up playing at max level though, it would have been Wrath. Northrend is still one of my favorite parts of leveling and I really wish I'd been able to see a lot of it when it was end game.
    Also most of my friends played much more seriously then, so maybe we'd have been able to raid together. I'd have liked that. Of the two expansions I've played in: socially Cataclysm was better before so many of my friends quit the game, but as far as mechanics and gameplay I've enjoyed Mists a lot more. Still, Wrath's my choice for one expansion, though if  got a do-over I'd start playing WoW at the beginning and get to enjoy all of them when they were new.


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    1. It's my favorite zone! I don't know how many of the random screenshots I have floating around in my folders are taken in Storm Peaks.