Thursday, May 1, 2014

30 Days of WoW: Favorite Class

Day 10: Favorite Class

     I'm sure this was really hard to guess. What with the name of the blog and all. Paladins. They're only the best class in WoW (and in D&D) and in probably anything else where they exist. So obviously they're my favorite. I've written several entries about paladins, so in the interest of being less repetitive I'll let the main paladin here tell you his top five reasons for being a paladin (please note that Seish's views are his own and may not be endorsed by the rest of the paladins affiliated with this blog):

5. Paladins get the best mounts. And they ride them just a little bit faster than everybody else.
4. Paladins get the best armor. It's metal imbued with the holy power of the light.
3. Paladins get all the best weapons. If a paladin can't use it it's not worth using. Staves, fist weapons, daggers, and bows? Who needs those?
2. Paladins can do anything that needs to be done, tanking, healing, or dealing out heavy helpings of righteous vengeance. If you need somebody to do damage from a distance you can always pick up one of the paladin support classes. There's no reason they wouldn't be happy to follow you into glorious battle for the Light.
1. All of these things are because the Light loves paladins best.

    In all seriousness, paladins are a fun class, but they'd probably be my favorite even if they were less fun to play. I love the idea of them that harks back to stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. I love playing them as characters in tabletop gaming where their sense of divine purpose makes them very dynamic and their strict morals can sometimes bring them into conflict with the rest of the party. And it's fun to find the person inside the paladin.
     I love playing them in WoW because they've got a whole bunch of shining abilities that look the way I'd always imagined paladins when playing them in other things. I love a lot of the other classes in WoW. Monks and hunters are very close in my affection as well, but if I had to start over from scratch a paladin would be the first thing I'd roll.


  1. What! Paladins? One day, I hope I'll know why but mine's still skulking around the starting area waiting for his moment!

    1. Poor guy. His moment will come eventually. The Light will tell him the time is right and off he'll go. Or something. XD