Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Healing Wings

     So far this has been a week for first world loot problems. Laen was super excited to roll some tier gloves off the Celestials... until the crushing realization that his loot spec was set to ret, so they're ret tier gloves and not holy ones. But oh well, his offspec gets and upgrade and they'll be nice for transmog if nothing else.
     He started the week at 9/12 Titan Runestones and when he got to the Consorts with 10/12 I was fairly certain it would be another week to get the last one, since I'd left that wing for last. But they were kind enough to drop one. Then after Lei Shen's it was straight back for a very quick run of the very same wing to pick up the Thunder King's heart. At that point I probably should have gone to bed.

     But I couldn't resist giving the healer challenge at least one shot. I fully expected that I'd be terrible at it and ready to give up healing and that it would take me many many tries like Seish's DPS challenge did. And my first go when I realized Wrathion didn't show up in my Vuhdo frames and tried to heal him with bars not set up for doing it that way did nothing at all to boost my confidence. But then I took a look at Vuhdo and realized I could set up a frame for my focus target... and it was even easy enough to do that I didn't need to resort to internet help.
     I'd give it one more shot before bed. Only instead of ending in abysmal failure that shot ended up in victory! I wouldn't go as far as saying it was easy. But it wasn't really that bad. Laen's probably fairly outgeared for it and though he didn't learning healing in two-manning like Tai did (a technique that would be really good preparation for this challenge.) he did spend a bunch of time doing rares on the Isle of Thunder with a dps warrior buddy. That was good practice.
     And with that all done I couldn't resist going around with Wrathion to talk to the rest. (And take a few screenshots)
     Then it was off to the Timeless Isle where the hardest part was getting into fights with the Celestial I wanted. I have no idea how many times I helped do Nuizao because once they'd invited him Laen didn't feel right leaving without healing people. But finally Laen and Tai's guild has a new achievement and he's got some shiny healer wings.
      I think the healer wing proc is my favorite as far as looks go. Most likely because it's not too far off from the look of paladin wings. And I hadn't fully noticed until looking at these screenshots that it comes with a halo too!
     I think I'd be almost tempted to try this again on a healer if I had any clamoring for it. It was fun, the shorter queues made gathering the items a lot less time consuming than it was on Seish and the challenge was fun, at least for a paladin, but then before those coming changes, paladins are decently mobile healers.
     But for now it's Tyl's turn. He can start working on valor capping in earnest and I can start complaining to myself about DPS queues now that Laen's entirely spoiled me. Laen on the other hand, might have to give a shot at Flex if I can find a group. After all what's the point of beautiful, shiny healer wings if you don't use them?


  1. Congratulations! Tell him for me he looks fantastic with those wings!

    1. Thank you! I will, thankfully he's not the kind to let it go to his head too badly. :D He does look nice, doesn't he? I just love those wings.

  2. Woo hoo! Many congratulations on your second pair of Legendary wings, and best of luck to Tyl with getting your third!

    1. Thanks :D We'll see how that goes. Hopefully his luck will be good or my motivation might not hold out.