Saturday, May 10, 2014

ROYGBiV Transmog: Green!

    Yet another dress-up post. I couldn't miss out on making a mog for my very favorite color! And while I was at it I made it for one of my favorite classes. This one's for monks and is modeled by the junior Mistweaver: Vaelanys. Green!

Head: Feathered Headdress
Shoulders: Swiftstrike Shoulders
Chest: Rockfall Ribwraps
Wrists: Serpentskin Bracers
Hands: Imbued Pioneer Gloves
Waist: Dragonmaw Emergency Strap
Legs: Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt
Feet: Swampwalker Boots
Back: Elunarian Cloak
Weapon: Anguish


  1. Lots of nice green pieces here. I especially like how the polearm incorporates both the darker green of the kilt and brighter green of the belt. I do like that belt -- it's one of the very few things out of Mists LFR that my Druid wants.

    That chestpiece is definitely cooler on a male model where he can be all bare chested with sha tattoos :P

    1. I end up liking that belt a surprising amount too, I really didn't think I would. And I was pleased when I picked the polearm for the colors and then realized the flame shapes match the designs on the chestpiece.

      I love that chestpiece on a male character. I think Tai's going to be venturing into Throne of Thunder until he picks it up, but it is kind of disappointing on female characters.

  2. Ooh I'm rather taken by that belt, can't go wrong with fig leaves.

    1. It's kind of fun! It's not a belt I would have thought I'd like until I actually tried mogging with it.

  3. A well placed fig leave is always welcome for a modest dresser (although I do like showing a bit of skin myself). Your monk looks quite smashing there.

    1. Maybe the modest fig leaf balances out the amount of skin he's showing up top? :D
      And thank you! I had fun designing it. So many pretty pieces of green armor to play with!