Sunday, May 18, 2014

A distracting mog for a distracting Priest.

     Saelindir hit level 60 today!
     And that means flying! And it means there are only 30 more levels to go before he can use that Timeless Gear in his bank and maybe pick up a few pieces of pretty gear in LFR. But it also means that the distracting priest nickname I gave him is all too accurate. Ailuuya was supposed to get to level 60 first so she'd be all ready when boost time came. She's still sitting at level 45, but no worries, she'll get there.
     In the mean time though Saelindir was finally able to get most of the pieces for a mog I'd been planning for him since I decided I needed a horde priest. You see, Laen and Tai sometimes spend a fair amount of time in the Shrine. Drinking in Tai's case and looking at pretty armor in Laen's.  And chatting with guildies and friends. Well in the time hanging around the shrine I started noticing that at least half of the female blood elves I see in plate... aren't wearing a heck of a lot of it.
     Nobody can deny that female blood elves look really nice in impractical metal bikinis. But seeing so many of them starts to get a little old. So one evening I was commenting on it in guild chat. 'Oh look there's another one. And another.' And the thoughts started brewing and finally I said. 'That's it. If I see another female blood elf in a plate-kini I'm making a male character and I'm putting him in the skimpiest mog I can come up with.'
     About five minutes later I was playing around in Mogit on a new little priest. This is a mog in progress. There is a better pair of gloves he needs at least 10 more levels for, and a few belt options he needs 20 or 30 more levels for and a helm or two that he's got a bit to go for. But for now his heirlooms are mogged into this:
Head: None currently
Shoulders: Royal Amice
Chest: Polychromatic Visionwrap
Hands: Fisherman's Gloves
Waist: Belt of False Promises
Legs: Barbaric Loincloth
Feet: Suspicious Slippers
Back: None
Weapon: Currently unmogged Devout Aurastone Hammer
Off Hand:  Currently Father Flame until I figure out what to do for weapons.
     Saelindir's clothing leads me to think he's spent far too much time around easy going Darkspear trolls. He certainly didn't pick up his taste in clothing in Silvermoon, though the boots at least might not go over badly there. (They are pretty awesome boots after all.)

     And skimpy and impractical as it is, well it still works alright for his job description. After all, if things go well priests aren't supposed to get hit, that's the job of the heavily armored people that stand up front.


  1. LOL! That is perfect. Plate-kini revenge!

    1. Why should the female blood elves be the only ones showing off how amazing they look? :D

  2. Tee hee hee hee hee! XD
    Oh, Saelindir, you look outstanding! He will certainly be very distracting to everyone he runs LFD with from here on out :P
    Indeed, those boots are all kinds of awesome. They remind me that I need to take my Lock out to get the red version from the goblin camp in Felwood.

    1. Just for my own amusement if anybody actually reacts to his mog I'm going to keep screenshots of it. XD Hopefully he won't distract the tank from tanking though, that would be bad.
      I love those boots. I've done so very little with clothies that I keep being shocked at all the awesome stuff available for mogging them. I foresee many more mogs for Saelindir, most of which will probably involve more clothes. XD

  3. Platekini!!! I love that term :D

    1. I really can't take credit it for it. Can't remember where I've heard and seen it but it made me laugh too hard not to adopt it. :D