Sunday, May 4, 2014

Old Ladies do Dragon Soul!

     Saturday is without a doubt one of my favorite days of the week. I love it when I get to sneak in some runs with the Old Ladies Raiding guild. The Alliance did Firelands. (Your staff, Fandral, we will have it!) Tyl's dps was somewhat improved by my finally getting around to doing stuff I really should have done ages ago like reforging his gear and Tome tanked for us! I really wish I had thought to screenshot Cat's bear form. It was so much fun, as it always is.
    Then we went off to do Horde side Dragon Soul and Laen got to go and be the shiny healer. (You can see him standing up there next to Karaelia because he loved her pretty armor.) That was fun, we stomped it all handily though there were some hiccups on the Deathwing's back fight because we were just too awesome for the mechanics to handle. And there were achievements too! And not a whole lot of healing actually needed so Laen was mostly decorative. Luckily, being a male blood elf, he's very good at that.

     On other stuff notes: Laen's onto Runestones for his legendary and can start collecting them next week. Meanwhile Tyl is working on valor which, which until Laen's done at least, is being worked at by the lazy and slow method. (One heroic dungeon a day unless I feel like more.) And that's it, alts. I'm not doing this for anybody else. You hear me? Then again I am pretty sure I said I wasn't doing any more at all at some point when I was working on Seish's.
     I wonder if they'll ever do something like this legendary quest again. Something that lets even the people who just do LFR work on it. I hope so, because I've really enjoyed it, even if the RNG is really terrible sometimes.

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