Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A goal achieved

     I'm proud of this. Not so much because it was hard, though the tanking challenge was a bit challenging as I sorted out how to handle it. I am proud because I stepped way outside of my comfort zone and put myself in the path for blame when things went wrong. Because I didn't let cranky people stop me from doing something that I really do enjoy. This was harder in some ways than Seish's even though with his I got road blocked on sorting out the challenge for a few weeks. Seish's was only hard for a while at the end. Rim's was hard every time I queued up for something I hadn't done before. But it's done. And I think... unless obsession tackles me or somebody wants company while working on one of their own... that this is the last one.
     I've finished four. Three for the blood elf paladins: melee dps, healing, and tanking, and one for Tyl. I haven't done the caster cape, but Warlords is looming closer and I don't know if I'll start another. I have done all four challenges.  And I'm very proud of my shiny tanking wings. And I'm sure I"ll tank a few more things at least, not just to try them out, but because I do like being a tank.


  1. Replies
    1. So do you! What are you working on? Number five? :D

  2. Bravo Rim and Plaid for sticking it out through all that tanking LFR and stuff!

    1. Happy to have it done. :) One more checkbox filled in before WoD.