Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tanking has its rewards

     Rim's still hard at work on the Legendary. I've made it so much further than I ever thought I'd manage to find courage for. He's finished the Secrets of the Empire this week and the quests that follow (with a little help from Os, who was nice enough to play dragon bait) So it's on to Runestones and he's still got the first two wings of Siege so he should end the week with at least one. And that makes me happy.
     I was so ecstatic when one of the Secrets dropped for me yesterday that I didn't even notice until today as I was clearing my bags that Rim had also acquired a Living Fluid! It's not exactly cute, but I like it. :D
     Tanking does have its compensations. He often gets the goodie satchel. Usually it just has potions or gems in it, but once in a while it has a pet I hadn't bothered to get yet. He picked up an Elwynn Lamb last week too.
     But at some point I feel the need for a post coming on about the different types of co-tanks you get in LFR. Just as soon as I sort out proper classifications for all of them. :)

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