Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tai and the accidental sporebat

     Tai spends a lot of time giving runthroughs to the alts of friends. I didn't realize just how much time he had spent until during yet another runthrough this popped up:
     I was too startled to remember to screencap it at the time, but later realized that the only thing I'd actually done purposely for this rep was a couple of sanguine hibiscus turn-ins when running it at level. Even Seish doesn't have this rep because I just never got around to it.
     Tonight though, I remembered that the Sporeggar quartermaster sold a pet. So off I went, gold in hand, to buy one. Only they didn't want gold. They wanted mushrooms. Tai tried to fly around and gather mushrooms but after a lap of Zangarmarsh he was starting to doubt they existed. Some comments on WoWhead suggest trying a ground mount. So Tai and Ying did a few laps and lo and behold there were actually lots of mushrooms and it really took very little time to get enough to go and buy a cute little sporebat pet.
     That's a pretty cute reward for a rep grind done entirely by accident!


  1. Grats! Accidental and unexpected pets are the best kind!

  2. Grats!
    Thanks for the reminder, too -- Kam picked up this rep ages ago, something about wanting a meta-chieve & title that required it, but I haven't purchased the pet yet even though I've stashed away plenty of glowcaps in my guild bank.

    1. Thanks :)
      You're welcome. I had really almost forgotten there was a pet myself.:)