Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hearthsteeds and Things

     I hadn't realized the preorder was available the other day until I saw someone on Timeless Isle on the mount and hastily alt-tabbed out to check. I'll have to wait a week or so for mine, but I'll be getting it, and with it the 90 boost. This is leading to lots of deliberation about who is getting the boost. I don't intend to ever buy a boost so it's a one time thing for me and requires a lot of thought. So far the leading contender is still Ailuuya my little draenei paladin. Of course now I've decided that free maxed professions are a far better deal than skipping the whole 90 levels, so if Ailuuya is to be the lucky girl she has to race her way to 60 first.
     She managed to make 20 so far. And being just a little disappointed with the looks of her paladin elekk has decided she's adopting a talbuk, at least until the shinier level 40 model is available.
     She's also fulfilled her original purpose and acquired the Tabard of the Hand, but there are still so many quests left on Bloodmyst I haven't done that I might make her stick around there until she's finished them all. Looking at this screenshot now I'm not surprised she picked this Talbuk. They kind of match.
     I've been curious ever since I got into the beta for Hearthstone where this mount was going to come from. I was excited and relieved that it wasn't from something I'd missed but a really easy achievement. It took me four games with my trusty paladin deck (What else would I play?) to achieve the necessary victories and then Seish got to pick up the new mount. It kind of matches his armor. He doesn't really seem to mind riding around with a face full of whatever that glowing mane is made out of.
     It really is a neat mount for such a simple achievement. I like the colors, I like its strange, vaguely undead face. But my favorite part is the flight mode. And the gorgeous, transparent feathery wings.
     This is Seish's 184th mount. He's getting closer and closer to that armored dragonhawk. There are still a few he could pick up from the Argent Tournament Dailies. And one more from Tol Barad dailies. And sadly if the date on the preorder is any indication he's got plenty of time to do them in.


  1. Yes, the maxed professions are what I'm excited about, it's time my Horde had an enchanter.

    Four games? It took me four bazillion, lol. I'm just glad that's over.

    1. My Alliance -might- be getting a jewelcrafter and alchemist in one pretty draenei package.
      I got lucky in Hearthstone, I already had a deck from playing the beta so it was all ready to go and one person was nice enough to concede to me without even taking a turn so that made it faster.

  2. It took me more than four games, too. But I hadn't already leveled up my decks. :p