Thursday, March 20, 2014

Do Your Job! (an LFR Rant)

     There's a reason I do most of my LFR healing on Laen now that he's maxed. He's one of the very sweetest tempered of my characters. Tai is far too cranky to do much healing in random groups. If you stand in the bad Tai thinks you should die a horrible death, and he'll let you. Laen will keep trying to heal you even the fifth time you do it and feel bad if he fails. I put myself in a Laen mindset when I got do LFRs and I am much more patient with the stuff that sometimes happens in there.
     But yesterday in Siege of Orgrimmar something happened that even made Laen lose his cool.
     I use recount. I have the meters up, not so I can shame people that might not be pulling numbers as high as mine, but so I can get an idea of how I am doing.  If I see another holy paladin doing much better healing than me, then looking at the mini breakdown of what they did can give me an idea of ways I might improve. So it took me until the second boss in wing four yesterday to notice what was happening.
     I had noticed on the first boss and the trash leading up to paragons that the other holy paladin in the raid kept dying. When she got her second battle rez on the paragons I started looking for her, assuming that she was just working so hard at healing that she wasn't moving out of the things she needed to. That was when I glanced down at recount and realized that though I could see both the tanks on the top six of the healing meter I was the only paladin showing. Then she died again and since she was the only dead person in the raid at that moment, I targeted her. She got another battle rez, but I couldn't see her casting anything so during the next lull in damage I inspected her. She was a ret paladin!
     She was queued as heals in ret spec but wasn't dpsing either. Laen started to get a little angry. The heals were sufficient, we were having a good run, but she wasn't doing anything at all. Though she was clearly at the keyboard to accept every battle rez that people threw at her in order to keep all the healers up. Through the rest of the fight I debated saying something about it.
     I don't like calling people out in LFR. I've seen it done too many times out of meanness. But this was different. Before I had time to make a decision, though she called herself out. Started bragging in chat that she couldn't believe nobody had noticed that she wasn't healing. I pointed out that I had noticed she wasn't dpsing either. Long story short people got angry. In this case, I think rightfully so. She told everybody that told her she was being a jerk that we were crybabies. People told her she was selfish. She said she'd queued as heals to help her friends get a faster queue. The universal consensus was: then heal. And eventually she did get kicked. We got a new healer that was actually healing and Garrosh went down in one smooth shot.
     But I still feel a little angry. I looked her up on armory. She wasn't a boosted 90 and from what she said herself this wasn't an honest mistake. This was somebody who queued up for a job she wasn't specced for and didn't even try to do it. That's a jerk move and there are no two ways about it.
    It's made even worse by all those accepted battle rezes. At least one of which could have gone instead to a dps that was actually at least trying to do their job. The way I look at it, when you queue up for a specific role you are committing to doing your best to perform it. I know LFR doesn't work that way. I know everybody doesn't try as hard as they should. But there's such a thing as decency.
      And there was that time in Cataclysm I tanked a heroic on my death knight that I didn't really ever tank on because I accidentally hit the random dungeon button while trying to queue for a holiday boss and didn't want to leave the group in the lurch. That makes it hard for me to sympathize with people like this.
     Nobody was asking for high numbers or topping the healing charts. All anybody was asking was for this person to try to do the job they said they would do.
     Laen is disgusted. He's not sure how anybody can call themselves a paladin and then lie and let other people die because they couldn't be bothered to heal. Luckily he's not as cranky as Tai, so he'll get over it.


  1. Wow. It really saddens me that there are people out there who act like this. And they have no shame whatsoever! How can they be proud of acting like a fool? I don't get it.

    1. It makes me sad and angry too. I didn't think it was that hard to have respect for other people, but it seems like some people just can't manage it. And her bragging about it definitely pushed it over the edge from jerk to unbelievable.

  2. I went to leave a comment yesterday but the 'captcha' feature makes it nigh impossible to leave comments from my phone :(. Anyway, just glad I'm not the only one who take a 'personality' with me along with my gear in any situation!

    1. I hate captcha! :(
      No, you definitely aren't the only one. All of mine have personalities. :D Maybe it's a hazard of writing?