Monday, March 24, 2014

Stonetalon and Desolace: Leveling the old fashioned way.

     For the Godmother's leveling the old fashioned way project and my own amusement I've been spending a little time playing around on Saelindir. He picked up a few quests in Stonetalon but it didn't take many before he'd leveled well past the zone. He's not in a full set of cloth heirlooms, but all he's missing is the robe, so the experience builds quickly. He'd made his way to Desolace earlier to pick up the flight path so he picked it up and off he went.
And I got this fun screenshot on the flightpath with both of the moons in it.

     I hadn't done the beginning of Desolace on Horde side before, I guess. Or at least I didn't remember Furien and his quest. Saelindir had fun tracking down the tablets and killing satyrs. And by the time that quest chain had been finished it was already time to move on to Feralas!
     But first he spent some time in Hillsbrad doing laps and catching his herbalism up to where it should be. I foresee frequent herb gathering and tailoring breaks in his future to keep his professions up. But the herbing didn't take long at all.
     Back in Desolace he mounted up on his trusty mount thing and rode off South. (This mount is so ugly and strange, but I love its animations so much that I couldn't resist having one when they were on sale. Especially since it's the closest thing to a Kirin WoW has. Saelindir has adopted it and made it his very own. They're both just odd enough to fit somehow.)
     Sometimes I'm annoyed about having to manually go and pick up flight paths. Mostly on characters like Laen who are level 90 and have basically no flight paths to take when I'm feeling lazy because they spent their whole career in dungeons. But sometimes, like on Saelindir, it is fun making that initial run out to the next zone. I get to stop and enjoy the scenery and take silly screenshots.
     He's currently in Feralas where he's questing and leveling his flower picking and waiting until he can head over to Thousand Needles where there are a bunch of quest rewards he has earmarked for future transmogs. He also got the Duel-icious achievement from some uppity pandaren shaman yesterday who challenged him. It was a close one but Saelindir was very proud of himself.
     I'm really glad there's only one free boost and that I've already decided what I'm likely to use it on. If there were more or they cost less I might feel tempted/obligated to save myself time and boost Saelindir. But I'd be missing out on a lot of fun, and a lot of valuable learning.


  1. I know, I don't know what it is about that mount. He's so ugly he's cute and for whatever reason both my Druids like to ride it.

    I'm trying to decide who to level next. The Rogue or try a Pally. I liked the idea of a prot pally but don't have any heirlooms for prot and I'm so spoiled I like to have a couple.

    1. It really is so ugly it's cute! And Saelindir stole it for his own.

      Well you know my vote's going with the paladin, and if you're just questing and not trying to dungeon much you could cheat by using dps plate heirlooms if you've got those, at least until you get the prot ones.