Monday, March 17, 2014

Leveling the old fashioned way.

     Saw this post of the Godmother's and couldn't resist the idea of joining in, especially since I have no intention of using any 90 boost except my free one and that's mostly spoken for. So I've got a few little alts on their way the old fashioned style. One in particular I'll be posting about occasionally for this.

Meet Saelindir:
Priest, herbalist, and professional clothes horse (though you can't tell the last because he hasn't acquired any great mog gear yet.)

     I'd already started work on Saelindir when I saw the post. He was level 27 then, he's level 33 now. He's got almost a full set of heirlooms. He'll have more when Laen gets around to acquiring the JP for them. He'll be leveling through a combination of questing, occasional LFDs and whatever other random futzing around I get into the mood for. And he's holy, though may acquire a disc off spec. My highest level priest right now is a level 40 shadow priest so I wouldn't consider boosting one since I need to learn the class. It should be interesting. I'm not great with characters that wear cloth and don't hit things in the face. 
     So far I'm having fun with Saelindir, though. I have big plans for him when he gets high enough level to acquire some transmog gear and in the meantime he's been occasionally modeling entries for me in Dragonray's Mog the World in 80 days contest. Through this I have discovered that priests get some really neat looking gear! Why hadn't I played one before? (Aside from the part where they don't hit things.) They're like paladins in dresses, right?
     He won't be racing to 90. He's competing with Ailuuya's race to 60 and a couple of other side projects for leveling time, but with any luck he'll get there before Warlords anyhow, even if he's doing it the longer way.

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