Saturday, December 6, 2014

A strange feeling and some achievements.

     Periodically I waste time on my phone looking at funny pictures on the internet. It's amusing, some of them make me laugh, other's make me shake my head. Yesterday one of them made me double take. It was a WoW thing, a split picture top and bottom comparing Vanilla and WoD. I read through all the little captions on the top one and then looked down at the bottom picture and stared thinking... Holy crap that looks like Tai. Staring at it a moment longer I realized it -was- Tai:

At the site
     I am still not sure how to feel about this. After all nobody asked me if they could use my screenshot. And the point seems to be about how isolated WoW is now, when that screenshot was in a post where I was talking about my launch party and playing with friends. After all Tai never levels solo, even if I screencap him that way a lot. On the other hand I guess it's flattering? Except the part where I wasn't credited of course.

     In other notes. I've got three at 100 now, Rim and Tai Horde side and Ailuuya on Alliance. Ailuuya is profiting from the things I learned making garrison missteps on Rim and Tai so she's doing fairly well for herself. Gearing is slowly happening and I've managed to get her silver proving grounds for both healing and damage without too much trouble. She hasn't queued for Molten Core yet, but she'll be able to whenever I want.
     Tai has a stable in his garrison. I'd originally meant to do all that with Seish but he's still at 91 waiting for his leveling partner so Tai has taken over. All but one of the stable mounts have been tamed as of today, including this fine fellow.
    That put Tai's mount count for the achievement at 197, so just on a hunch I switched over to Seish.
And as I'd thought paladin mounts did it (Helps that he has the Argent Charger). I was too excited to screencap the achievement when it popped but it's maybe more impressive this way anyhow:
201/250 for the next one.

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