Thursday, July 31, 2014

About Blood Elves and New Models

     So the Blood Elf models got delayed. As someone who unashamedly plays hordes of male blood elves (Pun intended) I'm honestly more relieved that disappointed about this. I've not been happy with what I saw of new models in Beta when I tried to reconcile them with my own characters, and just the last couple of days I'd been saying that if this is what we get I'd honestly rather they left them alone altogether. And now they're delayed. Presumably while Blizzard works on this: Updated Facial Customization. And that's exactly how it should be.
     I'm looking forward to seeing new faces for the things that are finished. And hopefully they haven't forgotten the male Night Elves altogether. But MattyShaman asked me on her post what my personal wishes were for the Blood Elves. Rather than writing a page in her comments I thought I'd make my own post on it.
     I don't play many female Blood Elves. There are many things about them I just can't click with for most character ideas I have. Those things aren't likely to change with new models, and really they shouldn't. Because that would mean all the people who love their female Blood Elves as they are ended up disappointed. Still there are a couple things I'd like to see for them in general.
     This is Theralonia, the one and only female Blood Elf I've managed to get to 90 (or anywhere near it.) She's a rogue (In case the Bloodfang Armor wasn't a dead giveaway). Rogues don't suffer from some of the things that do bug me enough to wish they'd change them. My small wishlist for female Blood Elves is:
-Better weapon scaling. Weapons and Shields would look so much better on female Blood Elves if they were just a little bigger. Shields shouldn't look like some kind of weird bracelet and swords shouldn't look like toothpicks. They don't need to be huge, but a little bit bigger would be nice.
-A few expressions that are less bored and superior. Not necessarily a change to their resting faces, but I'd love to see some of the emotes produce say a very genuine looking smile.
-Maybe they could sigh just a little less often when they stand around?

     Surprisingly my wishes for Male Blood Elves are even less complicated.
This is Rim. He's a rather young and pretty idealistic Paladin.  To me he's the one of my paladins who most thoroughly lives up to the archetype. The perfect knight.

This is Tai. He's older than Rim, has seen more of the world and the hardness in it. He's a warrior turned monk, a tank turned healer. He's rough around the edges, scarred, and a little bit worn. He's got prejudices and faults but at the root is a good man.

    I feel that the faces I picked for them work pretty well at conveying their characters. I'm happy with those faces for the most part so my first wish for the Male Blood Elves is that when they do get around to updating them what I get is a higher definition version of the faces they have.
    That's really all I want, other than one thing which is less about new models and more about options. I'd love it if they could implement for all characters the option to give them an eyepatch (and maybe some other scars) as part of the creation process. I'd love it if Tai could wear helmets and still have an eyepatch. I still think free recustomizations might be in order when they're done. But even without them I would probably pay to give Tai an eyepatch if that were an option.
     What I hope we don't get is a really drastic change to my favorite models or an update that makes Tai look half... or twice... the age he is in my head. Or that makes him look goofy or silly. Or one that makes Rim look mean or supercilious. So I guess my main wish for the Blood Elves is what they promised us to begin with, a high quality update that keeps the spirit of the original character.
     I'm really looking forward to seeing new faces show up in Beta.


  1. I would like those things for my Sin'dorei girls, too -- especially the geniune smiles now and again. I chose my Mage's face because it was the one that looked the most friendly and nice in personality -- and that's because she's got a smile.

    I've thought for awhile now that if there was a body size slider, I'd adjust the physiques of my Sin'dorei to be about halfway between the current blood elf and the current human -- still distinctly more slender than an average human, but not quite so much of a delicate fragile twig.

    1. I'd -love- a body size slider and I'd probably do the same with any female Blood Elf I made too, I'd love Thera to be a but more muscular looking. One of the reasons I just can't seem to settle on a female blood elf for any plate class is that they just look so fragile.

      I'd also love it if my bookish little mage, Falsyr, could be thinner and less muscular than his brother who hits stuff with his fists for a living. Body sliders would be nice. Even just having a few available body types for each race would be an improvement.

  2. I thought when we first heard about the new models that we were getting an improved version of that character model, which would have been great. If I had Blood Elves I'd be happy with the delay too.

    My problem with the female Blood Elf when I rolled one was the voice. She kept yelling at me and not very nicely, lol. The males on the other hand calmly and politely tell me what I'm doing wrong. Although Kaelth did get pretty sick of being on Cat catching duty and got a little grumpy.

    1. I'm happy with the delay, not only because I hope it'll make a better final product for Blood Elves when they get to them but also because I really hope it means that they're going to switch their focus to going back and finishing the ones they've already started.

      I have a bunch of problems with female Blood Elves as characters for me. Voice is definitely one. They get so cranky. And poor Thera, not only does she get a little cranky but she's out of energy all the time too.

  3. Your characters' personalities shine through, so hopefully you can add a little sugar or salt where you see fit on their facial expressions. Fingers crossed, as always!

  4. Here's hoping. In the meantime I'm going to be anxiously waiting to see some improvement to the Draenei and Night Elf faces. Fingers crossed for all of us!