Thursday, July 24, 2014

A few Achievements

     Managed to sneak in a little time with my little mage, Falsyr, and Os' priest today, working on leveling them some. Only one level but it was the last bit of experience needed to tip Tai and Os' guild over the mark to level 25!!
    Just in time for it not to matter when Guild Levels go away in WoD. Still it feels good to have managed it and now Tai, Laen, and Saelindir can enjoy having Mass Rez for the rest of the expansion.
    Rim has been slowly working on the valor for the Legendary quest and I'd managed to do enough to get it to 2800/3000 when MattyShaman was wonderful enough to remind me of something I'd entirely forgotten: That you can buy valor with Timeless Coins. Well, I had more than enough to buy the last 200 points so with that done Rim went off to try his luck in the battlegrounds.
    Horde is unquestionably the best thing to be for the PVP portion of the Legendary quest. I've done the pvp quest a total of four times now. Thrice on Horde and once on Alliance. For Horde I went into each required battleground once per character and waltzed out with the victory. Poor Tyl spent several hours in battlegrounds before Alliance managed to scrape up a victory.
     Here's what Rim's recent achievements look like after his brief foray into the world of PVP:
     He held one orb in Kotmogu for the entirety of the battle. The alliance finished with only 70 points. I'm still not really a fan of pvp (even if my main and several alts live on a pvp server) but I sure like it a lot more when I'm Horde.


  1. Congratulations! I know, that mass rez is really nice but I keep forgetting that I have it on Alliance side.

    1. Thank you! It really is useful. :D Seems like people always need one when I am on the characters that don't have it. Laen will definitely get some use out of it.