Monday, February 3, 2014

Three Days of Screenshots

Doing Tycertank's Screenshot a Day again for February and have already managed to slack off and put the first two days up late.

Day 1: You
It had to be Seish. We aren't actually that much alike, but well, he's my main so he gets to represent me, and I threw in one of my favorite mounts and favorite battle pets to go with him.  And I think this spot is my new one for going semi-afk on bad days.

Day 2: Favourite
It will probably surprise no one that Silvermoon is my favorite city in game, though Darnassus and Dalaran are really close runners up.

Day 3: Something Orange
I really love the orange trees in Kun-Lai.


  1. Love the last one. That nails the orange perfectly.

    1. Thanks. I do love those trees! They were one of the first things I screenshotted the first time through Kun-Lai.