Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another Screenshot Post

Day 15: My Drink of Choice
Tai really enjoys his mana "tea". I am fairly certain Tai's mana tea would give me a hangover.

Day 16: Create
I enjoy this screen far too much. Sure I wish the customization had more options but it always feels like the beginning of an adventure when I create a new alt. (I haven't actually... this time, but I'm thinking about it.)

Day 17: Vegetable
They look delicious. I really tried to think of somewhere besides the Valley of the Four Winds where I could take a vegetable shot but I couldn't.

Day 18: Magic
The mogu use some very dark and creepy magic. Tal finds if fascinating.

Day 19: Feet
View from the the feet of the mogu statues in the Vale. I don't know if I'll ever be able to look at this part of the Vale without being a little bit sad.


  1. Yeah ... character creation screen, lol. Am I ever familiar with that. I think my most recent creation was a male Blood Elf Paladin, I have my fingers crossed for him but he's at a disadvantage since I've never been able to level a male or a pally, I'm betting the new Warlock makes it first!

    1. But male blood elf paladins are the best thing. And I am not the least bit biased at all. I will cross my fingers for your little paladin too. :D