Sunday, February 16, 2014

Screenshot Spam

Being kind of sick this month means that even though I've taken a bunch of shots for this it's taken me ages to actually get them up. 

Day 8: Water
Used this as an excuse for a pretty Moonwell shot. I love Teldrassil. It's so pretty.

Day 9: Details
One of the things that I just love about this game is the details. They're everywhere. If you stop to look at almost anything you'll find all kinds of little details just lovingly tucked in. Inside the tent in the little Pandaren area in the Valley of Honor there are all these interesting things.

Day 10: I am...
Still overly fond of going and hanging around at the Argent Tournament grounds. Even if I don't do anything at all but sit there listening to the music for a while.

Day 11: Mistake
Trying to clean out some of the old crates in the farmhouse had clearly been a mistake!

Day 12: Out & About
Laen out and about doing dailies and things in his new retribution transmog.

Day 13: Perfect
Some of the views in Pandaria just... are.

Day 14: Heart
Laen is trying to win some.

     Next two days to come later. In the meantime I'm getting terribly excited for the new gaming mouse that got ordered for me for Valentine's day to replace mine that's started glitching out terribly. (I may have one of the best husbands ever.) It'll be nice to be able to heal on Laen again without worrying that when I try to hastily move out of something the mouse running thing just may or may not work.


  1. Laen looks rather dashing there on Day 14! And Day 13 is amazing!

  2. He does, doesn't he? :D I'm starting to conclude that I've got a thing for screenshots taken through doorways... there are so many of them in my folder.

  3. These are fantastic - they tell a story like a beautiful picture book - just lovely, my friend! Some husbands buy flowers or chocolates - give me one that buys a new gaming mouse any day!

    1. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed them, hopefully half as much as I enjoy taking them :D.
      And I agree. Flowers and Chocolates are generic, easy gifts. Gaming mouse means he knows me. (And will also hopefully last longer) XD