Friday, February 7, 2014

Screenshots and stuff!

Day 5: Square
 It's actually a cube, but it's under Farstrider Square.

Day 6: C is for...
Crusader, Cenarion War Hippogryph, Circle. Mostly I just couldn't resist taking a shot in front of that circle on the front of the shrine.

Day 7: Utensil
Pierre! He has a spatula, and he's adorable.

     Laen's been the one getting spoiled with attention this week and he's had a very lucky week. He did two wings of Throne of Thunder and did not get the shield he wanted (or any other loot but gold) but he did pick up a primal egg and it hatched into this:
     It's so cute and I was so happy that it wasn't the black one I already had. This bring's Seish's mount count up to 183. And then Laen's luck continued. He and and SprYte's Roz dared the first two wings of SoO LFR and in the first wing Laen got loot from every boss, and two things from the Sha of Pride. He finally got a shield from Norushen so now he feels like a real healadin. Of course in the second wing he didn't get anything but gold, but overall I can't complain too much.
     Laen's going to have to do a whole bunch of dailies to be able to buy more lucky coins next week. And I will admit that when I hit 90 I was a little bit disappointed to realize that unlike Tai who does whatever he wants in his healing spec and has a grand time, Laen really does have to try to maintain an at least semi-decent set of ret gear for doing dailies in unless I want them to take all week. On the bright side this allows him a second transmog. (It's almost done. Expect pictures.)

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