Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spreading the Light

I couldn't resist taking part in Mataoka's Solstice Advent Blog Challenge I'll miss a few days here and there, but I love the idea and I fight the same fall and winter funk so I'm going to do as many days as I can.

Day 1
In dark places sometimes the brightest light is that which you bring yourself.

     And that's one of the things I love about playing paladins. They're warriors of the light, they bring light into dark places, cleanse evil and make things bright again. I love playing them in WoW especially, because there are different ways of bringing the Light. Seish brings it by wading into the midst of battle, sword flying and slaughtering evil right and left. Rim brings it by putting a shield in between his teammates and harm and standing up to the darkness until it falls. Laen brings it by pouring it into his injured comrades to keep them fighting. 
     Today was mostly about Seish. After the cooldowns Laen and Fal went to Darkmoon Faire to do their quests and turn in all the things cluttering up their bags, and then a bit later I queued Seish for Wing 1 of SoO in hopes of getting something before reset. As things turned out he came in right before Sha of Pride. No loot dropped but the last Secret of the Empire he needed -did-. Oh so much relief. After rezzing the last of the dead he went straight over to talk to Wrathion. Wrathion, as it turned out, had several more things he wanted Seish to do. So it was off to the Thunder Forges. That wasn't too bad, though took two tries because the first time I thought I was supposed to use the anvils for damage and wasted a couple before I understood what they were actually for. This is what sometimes happens when you're very careful not to spoil things for yourself. :D
     And then I had to go throw a spear at Nalak. Oh, but I was dreading this! How was Seish going to do this all by himself? Well, I thought maybe the Shado-pan guys would help if I were really creative. And maybe paladin bubble would save Seish long enough to get it done. Only when I arrived to look at Nalak there was somebody else standing there. A tauren paladin. I said hello and asked if he was on the quest. He didn't really answer at first, but then asked if I needed to do the spear. I said yes and he invited me to group. He ran down with me and he pulled Nalak. Seish threw his spear and bubbled and run. and at the top of the stairs turned around to finish off the add. The tauren apologized thinking he'd messed something up, but I told him 'no, it worked' as he ran back.
     Then I asked if he needed my help and he told me he was done. Legionless of Burning Blade you are a tauren among tauren and a true paladin. Something I expected to be awful and maybe next to impossible and to eventually involve begging for help in trade chat became something simple because he was nice enough to take the time (and the corpse run) to help me out. So after Seish had gone off to have his ego stroked some by Wrathion and get a new goodie (Seriously, Wrathion, don't tell him stuff like that! He'll believe you, and his sense of his own importance is already just a little inflated.) he went to the mailbox and mailed Legionless a thank you note and 500 gold to cover his repairs.
     Of course now it's on to collecting Runestones and more dealing with bad luck with RNG but hey, today was a good day. Seish got his legendary meta and a lot of things turned out better than I thought they would.
Two princes and a paladin. 

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