Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More Light

     It's been one of those weeks so far. I'm having a mood I can't seem to get the better of. This seems like a particularly good time to push past the incredible lack of motivation that comes with it and post up some screenshots full of light.

December 2
Light can lead to adventures and ancient secrets, and decorate the sky with ribbons...

December 3
And it can lead you home again.

December 4
Shafts of light break through storms, and thorns, and broken places, and give wings to unlikely angels.


  1. Sometimes I think the blog reading I do before I login dictates where I go. This morning I decided I must visit Kara and now I've got to go to Storm Peaks just because it's beautiful!

  2. Storm Peaks -is- beautiful. It's one of my favorite zones in the whole game, if not my favorite. And the music couldn't be better.
    And I sometimes the screenshots I see in my blogroll make me pack up and randomly wander off to places too. :D I'm thinking I might have to go play Kara a visit too.