Sunday, December 8, 2013

Firelands and some Light.

First my solstice advent shots because I've been terrible about posting them up.

December 6
Look to the sun.

December 7
Who knew how long they'd kept their tireless vigil, undying flames held high...

December 8
The sun was sinking over the fjord, turning the air to gold. In the sky above, the Northern Lights already danced. Rothorin took a slow sip of his beer, adjusted the fresh bandages on his weary body, and thought that even the crisp air felt just a bit warmer under that gilded light.

     The Old Ladies raided again last night. I missed the gathering again because groceries must be bought, but they were kind enough to wait for me on Rhyolith. I was so happy to get to pop in and join everybody. Instant fun. It's like being at a party full of a bunch of friends. We laugh our way through things and I think I probably completely flubbed the mechanics on Alysrazor because I had no idea what I was doing but we got her down anyhow, so it's all good. 
     Pretty axes dropped for people and lots of trinkets. Silly raid, we don't want your trinkets, we want shiny transmoggable goodies! But a few of those dropped too and Tome's Cat turned into a gorgeous fire kitty with the help of some seeds. Tyl really thinks those fire kitties should be tamable. But since they're druids and all he'll just have to live without. (Which is just as well because I think Snowthorn would get jealous and cranky)
     I was sad not to be able to stick around in hopes of doing an LFR afterwards. Luperci was going to tank and I think it would have loads of fun. We'd have been almost half the raid. :D But the household was threatening to mutiny if there wasn't dinner so off I went. Maybe next time (I hope.)
     This is some of the most fun I've ever had running around in raids. It's relaxing, everybody is friendly and there is lots of laughter over vent. I can't believe I forgot to get a single screenshot of everybody! 


  1. Beautiful screen shots! I am falling behind! Hopefully we can do an LFR sometime when you can stick around!

    1. Thanks so much. :D (I keep falling behind with mine too :P) Been having a lot of fun looking through the screenshots folder to find some of these.
      I really hope we will manage an LFR sometime. :D

  2. Lovely shots - we'll have to try LFR another time. Need to get over my fear! Love having you there, my friend!

    1. Thanks.
      And we most definitely will have to try an LFR some time. And I hope running with a bunch of us friendly folks will help a lot with the fear. :)

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  4. Plaid,

    Well, what I was going to say in a sneaky way without revealing who I was using my google account instead of my wordpress account but ended up revealing myself anyway because somehow google knows who I am was
    "Tyl should check his mail."

    But alas, it gave you my name, and when I went to immediately delete the comment, it only deleted the comment and NOT my identity. The surprise was ruined, then, by technology (;


    1. That sounds like the tricks technology likes to pull on me. Gets me every time. I am currently out of town and WoWless but I will look forward to checking Tyl's mail first thing when I get back Friday! :)

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