Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Screenshots and Alts... and screenshots of alts.

Day 10: Repetition
There's a lot of it in my alts. Yes this is another Night Elf hunter.

     Three blood elf paladins at 90 and I'll admit to a few more that aren't. I love them. And when it comes time for an alt to raid with and I finally decide on a hunter... after a lot of thought I realize that there just isn't any Alliance side hunter for me but Night Elf. I just like what I like. This is Tyndellan. I designed him first in beta so I am as happy with his new model appearance as I can possibly be. (There's still stuff I really wish could change but I should be able to live with him. Hair may be subject to change, possibly frequently.)
     I still wish he was going to have eyebrows, and that he'd smile once in a while. But aside from his silly beta armor I think he's alright.

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