Thursday, August 29, 2013

Alt Appreciation Week: Druids

     Loved this idea: Alt Appreciation Week as soon as I saw it, so I knew if I made a blog when it was still going I'd have to post for it. Missed out on blogging for Death Knight Week, but I did pull Nyv out of his semi-retirement in Vashj'ir (Cursed Poseidus why won't you spawn for me?) and give him a bunch of pvp gear and get him the new boots from the 5.3 chain.
      This week it's druids. I love druids. I love the idea of them, love their shapeshift forms, especially the new stag travel forms. Unfortunately they're one of the classes I don't seem to be really good at. Or at least I haven't figured them out yet. These are my druid alts.


 Tiuli's lvl 86 at the moment. Her inscription is maxed and her herbalism is getting there. She's a resto/feral druid and I even gave a shot at healing on her a couple times during Cataclysm. I wasn't very good. I'm not very good at feral spec either. So she's sort of languishing for the moment.


This handsome guy is my guardian druid. He's lvl 85. He leveled to about 83 with my husband's priest, but the priest moved on to 90 via pet battles and I wasn't really enjoying the way druid tanking worked, so Macangus is stuck at 85 for the moment. I love the tauren druid forms. Their flightform is definitely my favorite and I'm very partial to their catform. And well look at Macangus' bear form! What is not to love about this? (Except that I can't play it worth beans.)

This is Elynthaeia. She's level 30.  She's my alliance druid, I created her to help a friend start a guild. I thought maybe if I try leveling as Resto again I can figure out the changes and be a proper druid healer. One random run of Gnomeregan later... Elynthaeia is now a Balance druid. She gets to be pretty and spectral and surrounded by falling stars and not get yelled at if the tank line of sights her and people die. She hasn't seen much playtime, especially since Mists hit, but I enjoy Balance so far. And I think the Alliance stag form is the prettiest.

My goal for the druids this week is to try to do something with each of them. I'd like to get Tiuli's herbing a bit higher, maybe get her to the Valley of the Four Winds. Macangus just got the Spear of Xuen from Seish and I'd like to try and do enough questing in Pandaria to get to the vendor so he can buy himself some gear. For Elynthaeia, I think my goal will just be to refresh myself on her balance rotation and do a dungeon or two. Maybe pick out a transmog for her to encourage me to level her later. Nothing motivates like transmog goals. Monday I'll make a post about how I managed with these goals.


  1. I like those goals. Not too big, but just embracing all the small druids. :)

  2. Honestly I know if I make big goals I'll end up failing to meet some of them and being disappointed in myself. So I picked some that seemed manageable.