Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Leveling all over the place.

     I don't have anybody at 100 yet. I play a lot of my characters with different people, so since the Azerothian flu seems to have been epidemic I've been leveling all sorts of different things. So here's a rundown of what the main ones are up to:
     Since he keeps trying to steal Seish's job it probably shouldn't surprise me that circumstances too have ensured that Tai is my highest level character at the moment. Here are he and Os in Gorgrond, though they've since moved on to Talador and level 97. These two are one of the teams that makes it hard for me when I go on to quest alone on other characters. A prot paladin and a mistweaver monk are a nearly unstoppable team and they tear through quests at an insane rate of speed. (And look awesome doing it, even without new models.)
     Tai's garrison is level two and most of the buildings have been upgraded to two as well. I have to say the barn's a disappointment. I was looking forward to supplementing the skinning he does questing, but turns out that either the iron traps are the glitchiest things ever, or there's some trick to trapping things that actually provide leather. I can catch the wolves that provide cloth/fur and the boars/riverbeasts for meat all day long, But have not managed a single clefthoof. Tai glares at the barn and growls at the workers every time he walks by it.
     Rim's the next highest. He and Syri have reached level 94. His garrison's also level two and he's worked on most of the buildings. They're currently in Gorgrond and ready to move on to Talador. He's not having the issues with building disappointment that Tai is. And apparently Rim's one of my luckiest characters. Not only did he win himself a Garn Nighthowl on one of his first days out questing, but he's managed to get four of his follower to go epic for him. With the right composition he can get them to churn out a ten hour mission in two and a half hours.
     Laen was originally supposed to go solo but the hubby finally ended up using his boost on a Brewmaster, so Laen and a rather cute little Pandaren poked their heads into Frostfire when the queues on Rim and Syri's server were too high. They've reached level 91, though mostly Laen's garrison is serving for loaning his enchanting study to Os in exchange for mats.
     Ailuuya's planning on being my raiding main for WoD but she's still a bit behind, mostly because I'd been so busy playing with others that I've had little chance for playing alone. She's 93, though and has just finished Shadowmoon. And I don't know what spec she'll be. Right now she's leveling in prot and collecting ret gear but has her eye on holy if it's needed. She's versatile. And playing through Shadowmoon with her had started a story in my head that might need to find its way onto paper.
     Tyl's also leveling solo but he's letting Ailuuya have the spotlight for solo play for now. Still he's 92 and has a garrison to take care of.
    Poor Seish has been waiting on his leveling buddy and with the luck I always seem to have with the character I consider my main it looks like he's going to be the last one to get anywhere. He's currently sitting in Frostfire ready to do the quests to start his garrison whenever SprYte gets a chance to log in. There are other 90s waiting in the wings, but there's a pretty long line already.


  1. OMG! Thank you for slapping me out of my stupor. I got Cat the barn for the leather and then proceeded to level Cim and pretty much forget about the different animals having different drops. I kept trapping stuff and wondering why I got the barn as all the drops were for Cim the tailor.

    Cat thanks you for reminding us!

    1. LOL You're welcome. It actually took me a while to even figure out different animals dropping different stuff. I kept wondering why I was just getting cloth stuff. Now if I can just figure out how to trap the leather stuff maybe Tai can stop glaring at those poor orcs.
      I'm glad I'm not the only one still sorting it out.

  2. I could be completely wrong, but I *think* the traps may only work on elekks? Or the other things that look like elekks but I forgot what they were called? I don't know. I tried to trap a clefthoof last night and it didn't work, and the thought came to my mind that the guy never said I could trap clefthoofs. (I'm really hoping that when you level up your barn, you'll be able to trap anything, but I haven't read into it AT ALL, so I have no idea.)

    1. And by "only" I mean in addition to the creatures you already mentioned, as I've had no trouble with those either.

    2. I was fairly certain he'd listed clefthooves, but I logged on again to double check. He does say you can trap them and elekks for leather, but I am starting to wonder if maybe you need to be a certain level or complete a certain quest for them first. Or maybe they're just glitchy. I'll keep trying in new areas, but I think I give up on the Clefthooves in Frostfire entirely. Glad to hear it at least works on elekks. I'll try it on them next time I see some.

  3. I suck, absolutely suck, at proving grounds; never made it to gold on a single character. I am very nervous about not even being able to get past bronze on my shaman for healing or past silver for anyone. This is going to be painful.

    Very painful.

    At least I won't have to worry about looking at ugly Blood Elves. :)