Saturday, November 15, 2014

First new mount of WoD

     I was so incredibly lucky today. While Rim and Syri were questing in Frostfire Ridge today I saw somebody putting together a group for Nok'Karosh. I knew he drops a mount, but just one mount for the entire raid.  Still Syri was game so we went over to see. Nok'Karosh is level 100 so even a forty man raid of people closer to 90 has a tough time. Rim spent a good deal of the fight dead since he's a tank. But the group got it down, the mount dropped. Everybody rolled, and I won!
     I squealed at my computer, ridiculously happy. And then because karma is important I stuck around for a couple more kills just to help out. Or to help out as much as a shiny gold beacon of light that keeps getting bitten to death does. It's a lovely mount. I like the new wolf models a lot.
     What a fun start to the new expansion. It's not Rim's usual style of mount, but I think they'll get along.


  1. Congratulations! What a great way to start out the expansion!

    1. It definitely made my day and Rim's been riding it fairly often because it would just be ungrateful not to. (That and he likes it.)