Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quick thoughts on the patch

     Well, he may have to entirely relearn how to do that monk healing thing, but at least he got this sweet bike?

     I've got mixed feelings about the patch, the way I probably would about just about any major patch really, but here's a quick rundown of the good and the bad or at least my perceptions of good and bad.

-Storage. So much more storage. Between the reagent tab, the toy box and a new tab of void storage Seish is looking at far more bag space than he's had in months and with a bit of juggling around later I can clear even more.

-The Chopper. It's a free mount. It sounds really good. Tai looks like a badass biker riding it. What's to complain about?

-New hunter pets. Went right out with Tyndellan and tamed a stag! He'll get a prettier one later but he needs more levels first. And there are hydras and all sorts of new beasts waiting in Draenor. That's thrilling.

-New things to do. Haven't tried the new 90 UBRS yet, but I've done the horde side quests a couple times (and plan to do them many more.)

Ability pruning. Some I'm okay with: Inquisition can stay gone, even if it's hard getting used to not putting it up. But I really miss a lot of the missing abilities. Serpent Sting for Beast Masters, Renew for priests. Guardian for my ret and holy paladins. I feel like they went a little overboard with the weeding in a few cases.

-The new group finder is terrible.

-New models. I love the new trolls, the new orcs, the new male tauren, the dwarves, the male humans. I'm okay with a few of the others. I'm pretty disappointed with the new male night elves and female draenei. And even the ones I like the changes are enough that it'll take some getting used to. Big changes. Tyl had to get a new face because his old okay one became terrible.
At least Snowthorn is still familiar.

-Stat Squish. It needed to happen without a doubt but it's still disconcerting to see numbers change so much and leaves me unable to tell if I'm doing my new rotation wrong now, or if I'm just squished. I have no frame of reference for the numbers. It also doesn't seem like some of the content is tuned quite right any more.

     Overall I think I'm still getting used to it and I've got a lot of getting used to it to do. At least there's a month to adjust.


  1. He looks perfect! I can't help but hear Bad to the Bone and Born to be Wild playing in the background!

    1. Choppers were made for Tai. If any of my characters is going to be a biker it's definitely him. :D