Monday, June 9, 2014

Random stuff post

     Seish is probably the least financially responsible of all my characters. If he wants something he'll buy it and there's no talking him out of it. So he made himself a ruby panther, and now needs to earn more pocket money if he doesn't want to be broke come Warlords. Luckily he's probably got time.
     Tyl's still working on his legendary. 8/20 secrets and Rothorin's babysitting the trillium. The one advantage to the long hunter queues is it gives him plenty of time to leisurely grind up the last of the Black Prince rep he needs while he's waiting.
     I've been wanting to try Flex raiding very badly, but sadly I don't know enough people to put one together with. So finally Saturday night I decided to just bite the bullet and put Laen's name up for one through other raids. Time for him to live up to the work we put into for those healing wings. I was a little bit scared and dreading it a bit when I got an invite. It was a pug just as much as LFR is. I didn't know any of the players and they didn't know me. We didn't have voice chat and I only know the LFR versions of the fights.
     I was candid about that and was just told to heal my butt off. And then they sorted out the groups and off we went. It was easier than LFR?! At least it felt that way, maybe because nobody was afk and everybody was competent enough to be fully capable of pulling their own weight. The worst trouble we ran into was two wipes on Sha of Pride. They may have been partially my fault. There were mechanics I didn't know and the first time I hadn't cleansed because I didn't have Gift of the Titans and got told I needed to do some whether I had it or not. But once we got that sorted out and I figured out the projections... that went down too.
     It felt really good. I want to do more flex. I want to get at least few more pieces of gear and learn the fights and then see if maybe there's any chance Laen can pug his way into a normal for the Garrosh kill achieve. It's not the way I'd like to raid. I kind of wish that I had the time to hunt up a raiding guild for myself, but I have responsibilities that don't let me commit to a steady raiding slot. I think it would be more fun with the camaraderie and the banter that comes from knowing people, but if I want to do it I have to do it the way I can.
     Still, if anybody finds themselves in need of a holy paladin some time... have wings, will travel.

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