Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mog Roulette and LFR accidents

     This post about Transmog Roulette from Navimie intrigued me enough that I couldn't resist trying it using Kamalia's suggestion of a D20 and Seish's overfilled banks, bags and void storage.
Screenshot is kind of small but I think it's probably big enough to make out the disaster his mog would be if we let the numbers decide on it. He refuses to even consider wearing it for long enough for a bigger screenshot. Me on other hand? I was amused enough to try it again, just for fun.
This one's... slightly less ugly maybe? Seish still refuses to wear it and I honestly can't blame him. Besides... I did just put him in a brand new mog that actually looks really nice.

     Aside from playing around with dice and mogs I've been working on Tyl's quest. He's on Runestones so I put up with those hunter queues to see how many he could get this week. 11/12 as it turns out, which is more than a little frustrating but at least I know he'll be able to finish next week. In the meantime though his queue into the Halls of Flesh Shaping was interesting. After waiting for about an hour he zoned in... and... fell onto some stairs where he was joined by a Death Knight and a Priest. It took me a little bit to figure out that where we had ended up was actually a room under Primordius' pit.
     We were under the floor. I briefly stopped being annoyed about a partial run and started wondering how the heck we had ended up in a room under the floor where there didn't seem to be a way to get out. We were still taking damage from the trash before Dark Animus too. Luckily they stopped combat long enough for us to zone out and back in and join them, but I'm still curious about why we fell through the floor in the first place. So far it's been an interesting week.


  1. HAHA Plaidelf those shoulders! and that belt! The first one is rather hideous :D
    The second one is not as bad! Not bad at all for random!
    And I STILL need to find you...

    1. That first one is awful. And that belt is just hideous. It's so ugly I don't even know why it's in Seishalan's stuff. I suspect that it just got lost among the rest of the stuff in his bags and that I'll have to hunt it out and vend it later. At least the second one didn't hurt my eyes.
      You can btag me if you like: PlaidElf #1103 or try Onyxia. That's where Seishalan and Rimandrys live.