Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mini progress report!

     I've had a few goals to accomplish before Warlords hits. Surprised myself today by realizing I'm making decent progress on some of them:

-Get Seish his legendary.
     He's finally finished the RNG portion and is just hanging around on the challenge now. Made my first attempt after several hours of LFRing and having found that it's just as tough as everything else is on melee decided I'd be better served by trying it with a fresh mind that beating my head on it when tired and getting more frustrated. Made another impulsive and rather halfhearted try Monday evening before heading off for the weekly Tempest Keep run. Much better, but still no luck. I'll get it, but after all that pushing with the terrible RNG don't feel like rushing myself to frustration on the part that is all on me. I feel good about this. :D

-Get Rothorin to 90
     He's at 89. Mining is maxed, engineering is just waiting on him growing some harmony at his farm for the last few points. He was last seen hanging around the shrine waiting on his priest friend for the last bit of questing. He's got some gear ready for both specs (brewmaster/mistweaver) so hopefully he'll be able to help the Old Ladies out if they need something besides Tyl and Snowthorn chewing things up.

-Get Laen to 90.
     He's at 82. Blacksmithing is at 500 and ready to start on ghost iron. Enchanting still needs some more Cata mats. After the initial awful feeling of going from barely needing to do anything in Wrath dungeons to 'holy crap why are we all dead?!' in Throne of Tides because of one shot mechanics and dps that will pull the boss, Laen got a decent group the other night and I've decided I'm not actually terrible at this paladin healing thing. He's got a bank full of Timeless Isle gear and fancy weapons waiting for him thanks to account wide BOAs and Os' generosity, so as soon as he hits 90 he gets to try his wings (see what I did there?) in LFRs. If he does well he might get to try getting into a Flex. *crosses fingers*

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