Tuesday, May 5, 2015

100s 5,6 and 7 and some of the other stuff.

     I've been busy in game since the last time I posted. Not long after Rothorin and his priest friend got together and managed to knock out the last two levels they needed.
     I'd leveled him as Brewmaster and been working on setting up his bars and learning some tricks, so of course when I hit 100 I did what I usually do as one of my first tasks(after getting a bunch of garrison stuff under construction) and went to pay the Proving Grounds a visit. I didn't expect it to go well. The only tank I consider myself to be kind of good at playing is a paladin. Imagine my surprise then when I one-shot the bronze challenge. And the even greater surprise that followed when I did the same with silver. I don't even feel like I entirely know what I'm doing on Rothorin as Brewmaster but he had and easier time of Proving Grounds than Rim.
     A few days after I took Tyl through a couple of dungeons to pick up the last level he needed.
     I was happy to finally get him to 100. I still think of him as my Alliance main and it felt wrong having him wait around so long before hitting max level. 
     This left my account oddly symmetrical as far as maxed characters go. Holy Paladin, Beast Mastery Hunter, and Brewmaster Monk on Alliance, Protection Paladin, Survival Hunter, Mistweaver Monk on Horde. My Horde leanings wouldn't let that stand very long and as luck would have it Seish and I finally managed to catch SprYte's Rozae and grab some levels for them. Lots of laughter and ridiculous selfies happened.
     This one is probably my favorite. A rare dropped a cloth dress and Seish talked Rozae into wearing it. Then took a selfie with him and laughed. Nice, Seish, really nice. But somehow amidst all their goofing they hit 100 too.
     Here's another Seish selfie in less mismatched armor, enjoying his newly leveled garrison. The plan is to follow Shoryl's Plan here only with Blood Elves rather than dwarves. Seish is a little bit of a racist anyhow so if he can get away with mostly working with his own people... he will. So far recruitment has been a bit frustrating. He's at 5/25 belfs. Aug is having far better luck at the same project and has 8/25
     And in between that and the increased garrison chores (They add up even if I usually only do profession cooldowns on most of them) I've had a few other happy moments. Seish got the achievement for 3000 quests and not long after finally got his fortieth exalted reputation (I think he's still missing some of the Pandaria ones Rim and Tai did). For one thing... Tome's Cat had a pet shelter post and Tyl was lucky enough to be given this charming fellow: 
     Thanks so much, to Cat and her pet shelter. I promise he'll have a good home. And on a particularly miserable day for me Helke whispered out of the blue to tell me she had a goodie for me. Tai flew straight over to Durotar to meet a young orc who gave him the pet from Sunwell I'd been most excited over.
     Not sure why I was so excited over it... it's creepy, especially with a pet biscuit making it almost life sized. But I still am. Thanks so much for brightening my day, Helke.
     And then I been working on some alts. Not the 90s patiently waiting to be leveled to 100. Oh no... other alts. Poor Vaelanys had been sitting at 75 in Dalaran for probably a year at least. Between his enlightenment buff and a full set of heirlooms, though it took no time at all for him to find himself in Draenor. 
     Why do I need another blood elf Mistweaver? Why not. He lives on an RP server and I love being over there now and again. That is probably the main reason that when I made the mage I will actually finish leveling he went to hang out with Vaelanys on his server. I'm not sure why he ended up being a fire mage, but he did and so far it's delightfully explosive.
Tanesryl. This selfie sums up his personality really well, except that it was before he'd leveled enough to transmog his heirlooms into something more stylish. He looks much better at level 44.


  1. Helke is like the Queen of Pets! I know, he is creepy but he's one of my favorites too! It's nice to see how all your guys are doing.

    1. She is! :D
      And yeah I'm oddly fond of him, couldn't say why.
      And yep. My guys have been busy... those garrison chores take a lot of time.

  2. Grats on all those 100s! They sure are looking good!

    I have these imaginations of recruiting for specific races or classes with various of my alts, but I don't think I'll ever get my whole active set of followers to completely fit a theme. Currently, out of 62 total followers, Kam has 30 women, 9 Tauren, and 4 Tauren women. Her current active set of 25 has 17 women and 6 Tauren, with 3 of the Tauren being women.

    Kam ended up loosening her hiring policy a month or so ago. She recruited for a Group Damage and got two Tauren men (a priest and a paladin) and a male Pandaren monk. I chose the Pandaren monk because he had the possibility of purpling into an ability combination that I don't have yet, whereas both of the Tauren would just have duplicated combos I already have. A week or so after that, another male Pandaren monk was the one I liked best of a set of all male recruits. I still prefer Tauren or female recruits, but I've given up on exclusively choosing them because sometimes I just can't. Plus, I know I'm going to be getting Harrison Jones eventually....

    1. Thank you. :D I'm happy with them... and have spent a lot of time changing Tyl and Seish's mogs around. I should post a few of Tyl's.

      I am not sure I'll ever actually succeed with Seish's blood elf plan, but in the meantime I'm honestly having a blast trying it. He's already honestly settled for a Pandaren as a jewelcrafting follower. I might try replacing her later as more belfs happen in his roster, but for the moment she's not a priority to replace.

      And then of course when you want all one thing there's the annoyance of the many weeks when it just doesn't show up as an option. I'm really not sure if it's that feasible or manageable but it's a fun thing to try. Honestly, Recruitment Day (Tuesday) is one of my favorite days in the garrison just because I have so much fun seeing what options will come up, even on the ones not trying for anything special.

    2. I look forward to Tuesdays to see who my recruits will be, too! Sometimes, it's a hard choice because I want all of them; other times, it's a hard choice because I don't really want any of them :P